Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie e.V. / German Mycological society

Working groups and clubs (German):
Arbeitskreis Pilzkunde Ruhr
Kieler Pilzfreunde e.V.
Mykologischer AK Rhein-Neckar e.V.
Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein Wuppertal e.V. – Sektion Mykologie

Verein der Pilzfreunde Stuttgart e.V.

Courses and Training Centers (German) :
Pilzkundliches Museum Bad Laasphe Mycological museum in Bad Laasphe/Germany Seminare und Kurse von Dr. Lothar und Katharina Kriegelsteiner Seminare und Kurse von Andreas Gminder
Schwarzwälder Pilzlehrschau The oldest and unique school for mycology and nature conservation in Hornberg/Germany

Magazines (German):
Der Tintling – A German mushroom magazine

Book recommendations
Identification books for mushrooms should show a certain range of species.
A good description of the common edible mushrooms and their poisonous counterparts, i.e. poisonous species, 
with which edible mushrooms could easily be confused, are a must.
The many types of mushrooms described in the books listed below may initially be confusing to beginners.
However, if you have the appropriate forest experience, it is very helpful to have many comparison options.
Please note: Mushroom books do not replace experience in mushroom identification!

Roger Phillips – Mushrooms
Comprehensive guide with over 1,250 photos of species and excellent describions (English)

Andreas Gminder – Handbuch für Pilzsammler 
Description of 340 species of middle Europe (German)
Hans E.Laux – Der große Kosmos Pilzführer 
All edible mushrooms with their poisonous counterparts. 1200 species of Europe (German)
Ewald Gerhardt – Der große BLV Pilzführer 
Classic guide with 1200 species (German)

Andreas Gminder und Peter Karasch, Zeichnungen von Erhard Ludwig –
Das große Kosmos Handbuch Pilze
More than 1250 species with 2500 excellent drawings of mushrooms and their spurs (German)

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